DIY: Terrariums!

I’ve been wanting to make terrariums en masse ever since my friend cultivated one for me with moss from a local park, I fell in love with it, and it died a slow, dry death while I was on vacation (naive to my need of a terrarium-sitter).


DIY Terrarium

any sort of container that can hold water (I’ve used mason jars, candle votives, glass boxes, hanging glass orbs, etc. I’ve seen lightbulbs, apothecary jars, and wine glasses be used.)

here’s one identical to mine from amazon


In your container form equal layers of:

  1. pebbles/gravel (allows for drainage)
  2. activated charcoal (keeps it from molding)
  3. soil (potting, some stuff from your backyard, whatever)

Now it’s time to add some plants (moss, succulents, ferns). These terrariums do best in indirect sunlight, and need to be misted with a few squirts from a spray bottle every four or so days, so any plants that like that kind of care will love their new home.

Finish it off with some sand and smooth pebbles for a zen effect, some small clay figurines if you’re cutesy, or any interesting crap you can find in your junk drawer.


IMG_1324❤ Trinity

5 thoughts on “DIY: Terrariums!

    1. Thanks! You are the first commenter on this new little blog of mine. ❤ I just checked out Thrifty Girl Story… the poetry is rockin'. I think I might have to start incorporating a little of my own on here.


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