mixtape monday: norah jones


Norah Jones is my go-to artist for rainy mornings, doodling sessions, and just random moments of relaxation throughout the day. Sometimes I just need to slip into an empty hall between classes, pop in my head phones, and slide my back down the wall until I’m in an upright fetal position and the let her sweet voice wash over me. Here are some of my favorite songs she sings…

1. Summertime – old, mellow jazz just melts my heart

2. Something is Calling You – light and beautifully eerie, lets my mind drift onto dreamscapes

3. Waiting – a little more upbeat and contemporary for jones, definitely different than her first albums, but amazing in a new way

4. Back to Manhattan – i have a love affair with brooklyn, and it’s cameo in this song reminds me of its darling shops, eclectic population, and lush parks.

5. Cry, Cry, Cry – woohoo, this song is hard not to sing along to… i want to learn it on my guitar. It goes well with my little folky-country whimsies, like i walk the line.

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