Spiders have been popping into my life lately. Whether its a few itchy bites on my ankle after a night’s sleep, or my yelping as I almost stepped on an enormous one on the kitchen floor in the middle of the night.

This gorgeous garden spider was perfectly posed for a photo shoot outside my bathroom window. IMG_0737

I have always had a deep respect for spiders, and have never killed one I found in my home (only tentatively captured it with a glass a piece of paper). They have distinct personalities, and are very powerful/magical in my eyes. Also, unlike mosquitoes which I willingly squish, spiders do the great service of keeping pests under control.

Reading up a little on my mythology this morning, I refreshed myself on the story of Arachne and Athena. Read more here: Besides the lesson I take out of this story about humility, I believe I have a strong connection with spiders because I am very into the “feminine arts.” (I use quotation marks around that phrase because it is the best way I can think to describe all the crafts including and related to sewing and weaving. In no way do I feel that these tasks should be forced upon or restricted to women.)

I was taught by my great-grandmother, and many other amazing women in my life, to sew at a young age. I’ve enjoyed it from the very start, and soon added crochet, embroidery, and a little knitting to my repertoire. Sadly, I haven’t been able to indulge in any of these luxuries lately because I am so busy! Hopefully the tangle of tasks I am involved in will calm down at the end of this month as I expect they will. This leaves me with one last thought that I so desperately need to put on a t-shirt or a tote bag for myself…

Courtesy of Pinterest! Not my work.
Courtesy of Pinterest! Not my work.

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