in three days time…


As we slip ever nearer to fall, I am pulled to the more warm and earthy colors in my wardrobe. Maroon was the accent today, facilitated by a wild pair of striped socks.


I happen to find this lovely color reflected in a few places around my garden, including this stunning rose that begged for its picture to be taken the moment I saw it. I like the way its petals are a little tired and weighed down, curling at the edges with a ruffle that gives it the sweetest character. It relates to the shift in attitudes at this junction of seasons, with the weight of places to be and things to be done before I can curl up by the fire with a mug of earl grey and my doggie.

IMG_0697Today I found my inspiration in the anticipation of autumn, perhaps because I’m just getting over a cold, and I wanted to don many warm snuggly layers. Fall makes me wish for ruffled petticoats and worn boots. Composing letters sealed in wax and plunking out tunes on an old piano. Fall makes me long for simpler times, nostalgic as I am. I can’t wait until the twenty-second… This is abbytrysagain"s photo from flickr.
This is abbytrysagain”s photo from flickr.

Girl, Interrupted

I love a good movie poster
I love a good movie poster

Yesterday, I watched Girl, Interrupted for the first time. I absolutely loved it, and shed a fews tears throughout the film (mostly at Whoopi Goldberg’s touching character). I should emphasize however, that I do cry at the drop of a hat so that isn’t saying much. Personally, I love crying at good movies, at both the happy and sad moments. That’s usually how I can tell if it was any good or not. 74d68faedd5cbae69093efacfcbf7e7cAnyway, I am going to be recommending Girl, Interrupted to all my friends viciously. As a teenage girl, I could really relate to the struggle through emotional times and was inspired by the demonstration of taking control of your own future. Plus Winona Ryder is just amazing, and speaking of movies that make me bawl Little Women is what made me fall in love with her. Oh and one last thing… There’s a book!!! Yeah, Girl, Interrupted was based on the novel of the same name by Susana Kaysen. It’s a memoir of her times in a mental hospital. The only reason I broke my rule and watched the movie before reading the book was because I didn’t realize there was one! Definitely my next read. So, go grab a few girlfriends and throw Girl, Interrupted on. And if you have a lot of discomfort during hypodermic needle scenes like me, just close your eyes!